This paper investigates the dynamics and challenges faced by strategic investors in the context of Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups. As the landscape of financial markets evolves, strategic investments in AI startups have gained considerable attention due to their potential for disruptive innovation and substantial returns. However, the unique characteristics of AI ventures pose distinctive challenges to investors, necessitating a comprehensive understanding of the underlying factors that shape the investment landscape. Drawing on literature review analysis, this research explores the strategic decision-making processes, investment strategies, and performance outcomes of strategic investors in the AI startup ecosystem. The study uncovers the key determinants that influence the success or failure of strategic investments in AI startups, including the evaluation of technological capabilities, market potential, business models, and strategic alignments. The findings provide valuable insights for both investors and entrepreneurs, offering guidance on effective strategies for navigating the complex landscape of AI investments. By shedding light on the odyssey of strategic investing in AI startups, this research contributes to the existing literature and informs stakeholders on maximizing the benefits and mitigating the risks associated with investments in this rapidly evolving domain.


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M. Petković, E. Jambal, J. Camilo Bolivar Mesa, F. Emdadi, “The odyssey of strategic investing in artificial intelligence (AI) startups,” in FINIZ 2023 - Sustainable development as a measure of modern business success, Belgrade, Singidunum University, Serbia, 2023, pp. 131-136. doi: 10.15308/finiz-2023-131-136 

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Petković, M., Jambal, E., Camilo Bolivar Mesa, J., Emdadi, F. (2023). The odyssey of strategic investing in artificial intelligence (AI) startups. Paper presented at FINIZ 2023 - Sustainable development as a measure of modern business success. doi:10.15308/finiz-2023-131-136

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